Welcome to Public Relations Laboratory

Public Relations Laboratory is the unit to support the student’s learning activity in Marketing Communication Program, Communication Department, Binus University. The program contained in the Public Relations Laboratory is related to activities to support the achievement of the curriculum in the Marketing Communication Program. In Public Relations Laboratory, students will learn several case studies based on the concepts that have been studied in the form of assignments and final projects. At the Public Relations Laboratory, students also learn several tools, applications, and several other software that support the implementation of Public Relations activities as a practitioner. During the learning process at the Public Relations Laboratory, students will be guided by several assistants who will help students explain assignments and demonstrate the use of the software used in the Public Relations practicum class.

Courses with Practicum in Public Relations Lab:

Even Semester 2022/2023:
1. Narrative Development**
2. Writing for Branding**
Odd Semester 2022/2023:
1.  Workplace Ethics and Behavior
2. Corporate Event Management
3. Digital Corporate Communication
4. Event Management for Brand
5. Digital Brand Communication
Even Semester 2021/2022:
1. Narrative Development
2. Writing for Branding
Odd Semester 2021/2022:
1. Event Management
2. Workplace Ethics and Behavior
3. Digital Public Relations
4. Integrated Marketing Communication
Even Semester 2020/2021:
1. Media Campaign & Monitoring
2. Narrative Development

Software used in Public Relations Laboratory:

  1. Brand 24
  2. Sprout Social

Public Relations Lab