Strategic Digital Production aims to equip students with knowledge in the production and management of content in new media, specifically media distributed through the internet, such as social media platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram), podcasts, mobile apps, websites, and streaming media. This program will empower students with the skills necessary for success in the new media industry, such as content creation, social media content creation, social media production and management specialization, and establishing a presence as a persona on social media. Additionally, the curriculum covers the utilization of Artificial Intelligence, including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Games, for content production. Strategic Digital Production also cultivates entrepreneurial skills among students.

The program further provides students with knowledge about the dynamics of being a content entrepreneur and the dynamics of social media. In the learning process, students will not only receive theoretical instruction but also engage in practical content production across various forms (audio-visual, audio, image, and text), which will be published on social media platforms.

Prospective Career Opportunities:

  • Social Media Content Creator
  • Social Media Production Specialist
  • Social Media Professional
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Social Media Management
  • Persona in Social Media Content
  • Videographer/Video Editor