Creative Digital Broadcasting aims to equip students with skills in the production and management of content/programs for digital broadcasting and digital media, whether using traditional frequencies or the internet for distribution. This includes TV, radio, media streaming, mobile apps, and news portals. The program also provides students with the knowledge and skills to utilize Artificial Intelligence, such as VR, AR, and Games, in producing content/programs for mainstream media. Creative Digital Broadcasting prepares students to become mediapreneurs in the online media/web industry.

The program also prepares students for successful careers in mainstream media, offering roles such as journalists (TV, radio, web), news anchors, camera operators, radio announcers, music directors, program creators, production assistants, news producers, and research and development program specialists. Creative Digital Broadcasting provides students with knowledge about the dynamics of the broadcasting and online media industry in Indonesia. During the learning process, students will receive both theoretical instruction and practical training in content/program production across various forms (audio-visual, audio, image, and text), which will then be published on various platforms.

Prospective Career Opportunities:

  • Television/Radio/New Media Producer
  • Television/Radio/New Media Presenter
  • Executive Producer
  • Journalist/Reporter
  • Video Journalist
  • News Manager
  • News Anchor
  • Research and Development/Broadcasting Analyst