Program Objectives

Program Goals

  1. Educating students with data, technology, and humanity literacy to become competent professionals and entrepreneurs in the digital era.
  2. Developing resilient character by integrating diversity, equality, and inclusion values into communication science to create sustainable future and society.
  3. Creating a global mindset for students and lecturers through international experiences and partnerships to become global citizens.

Study Program Quality Objectives

1. Two out of every three graduates work in global companies or become entrepreneurs within six months upon graduation.
2. One out of every three graduates holds certificates of competence.
3. All Graduates have international experience.
4. One out of every three students participate in the activities of empowering society which has a high impact.
5. All Faculty Members have International Papers.
6. 11 Intellectual property rights have been registered.
7. The Academic Satisfaction Index achieves 80%.
8. The Stakeholder Satisfaction Index achieves 80%.