Fitrie Handayani S.T., M.Si

Fitrie Handayani S.T., M.Si

Fitrie Handayani, S.T., M.Si is a risk communication expert and digital media enthusiast with 9 years of teaching experience. She holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Indonesia. Prior to joining academia, she held pivotal roles at renowned institutions such as the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), World Health Organization (WHO), Asian Development Bank (ADB), and Helen Keller International. These engagements have endowed her with invaluable real-world insights into the intricacies of global communications, sustainable development, and public health initiatives.

Her research interest encompasses cutting-edge topics that reflect the evolving landscape of communication in the digital age, particularly focusing on areas such as youth and social media, online risk, participatory culture, and digital marketing communication.

Her teaching focuses on crisis communication, multimedia storytelling, communication audit, and brand activism.


(2022) Building Youth Digital Resilience: Exploring Digital Literacy, News Literacy and Participatory Culture

(2020) Challenge in Communicating Halal Tourism Concept for Destination Competitiveness


(2016) Sosok Perempuan di Panggung Politik Indonesia (Analisis Framing Pemberitaan tentang Calon Perempuan di Pilkada 2015 pada Portal Berita Online)

(2015) Representasi Opini Publik di Media Sosial Tentang Transportasi di Bekasi (Studi Kasus Meme Bekasi di Media Sosial Path dan Twitter)


(2022) Navigating the Cyber Frontier: Youth Capabilities to Confront Dis/Misinformation with Digital Literacy and Digital Security

(2022) Youth Digital Development Post-Pandemic in Indonesian Perspective based on Gender

(2021) Social Network Analysis of Campaign Mobilization Of Marketplace On Twitter

(2021) The Effect of Social Media Marketing on Brand Trust and Customer Loyalty Starbucks Indonesia during Pandemic

(2017) Penggunaan Digital Influencer dalam Promosi Produk (Studi Kasus Akun Instagram @bylizzieparra)

(2017) Youth`s and Social Media: A Media Literacy Study

(2015) The Use of Meme as a Representation of Public Opinion in Social Media: A Case Study of Meme about Bekasi in Path and Twitter




  1. Trainer in Digital Content Professional Service for Asuransi Jasindo
  1. Internal Grant from for Applied Research Binus University, 2018-2021
  2. Internal Grant from International Research Binus University, 2022