When we are in the office, we sometimes forget the basic way when interacting with co-workers. Considering that it is an important component when it comes to interacting professionally. Problems in the office often occur due to manner problems. Sometimes we find it difficult to distinguish between work relationships and friendships during business hours. There are several ways we can have a good relationship with co-workers while we are in the office.

Positioning is important

In the office, we must have co-workers. After coming home from the office, we also meet often at the cafe. But we need to know when we are in or out of the office. We cannot play while we are at work, we have to be professionals. When we are out of the office, we can do what we love. When we have a friend who is in a higher position than us, while we are in office, we have to treat him as our boss, not as a friend.

Manners are the key

Manners applications are important in the world of work. We have to have a basic deal with our co-workers. If we behave well, we will also achieve ease to work. When we get into trouble while working, it will also be easier to find calm because we will be helped. A good deal will also make it easier for us to obtain promotions and attention from superiors.

Building trust

Having the trust of employers and companies is the key to our success in our careers. If we, do it right, the chances of us being successful in that career are enormous. In good manners, we can be the boss’s trust. With great manners and responsibility, you not only guarantee our successful careers, but you can also influence co-workers to become better workers and keep learning.

As long as we work to remain good people and have manners. Because there is nothing to lose if we do it all. It is good for us and it can make others do it well too. By having it all, we have more value than anyone.

By: Roman Christopher Yudhistira |2201844420

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course