Maybe a maximum job and always achieving a goal is everyone’s dream. In the world of doing business, working at well-known companies and others has an effort and ability that must be high. Patience in working is the main ethic that underlies us to do our job properly. Ethics in working alone have become a reference for workers and companies in exercising their rights and obligations. Professionalism has a myriad of challenges that can build the character of workers and companies. Therefore, it is based on research conducted by me, that in working alone you must have good time management skills.

Why? Because even when working, all situations and conditions can be a driving force or a hindrance. From the driving side, maybe this will have an impact on those who benefit from their business and work. for example, when completing a lot of tasks and always taking into account which one is the top priority. On the side that too many tasks, will often create a new character in our ethics at work. More focus. Being more thorough, and more diligent in doing it, is a driving factor in us working in the company. All companies always want their employees to have good professionalism. So, always be grateful for the work you run. All the work we do has its positives and negatives.

Then, what are the negative and inhibiting sides? For example, in my interview with interviewees, employees of 2 different companies. They have a problem in carrying out their duties during Work from Home (WFH). Especially considering the current conditions and situations that are being affected by the pandemic, the mental and professionalism of employees is being tested. Seeing the obstacles, they are facing, they feel that the demands of work are increasing. The increase in all jobs required makes them have to adapt again to their work ecosystem. Many deadlines, limited communication that cannot be face to face are new adaptations. For the first time, they felt a little heavy and uncomfortable with the situation. An employee must continue to carry out his professionalism even though the current situation forces them to start a new atmosphere. Apart from dealing with this atmosphere, there is a new problem regarding the quality of their professionalism in terms of their psychology, namely stress.

This stress is also a challenge for those who carry out their duties during (WFH) now. So, the workers must rack their brains to overcome it. So that these obstacles become their new challenges. Then how do you maintain our professionalism in working during Work from Home (WFH)? Always try to have time to talk to co-workers. This can allow us to motivate each other over our conversations about work. In addition, talking about light topics can be an example of our motivation to work during (WFH). This relationship will be useful for us to reduce our stress. Ideas might come up while doing this. Creating a working atmosphere with colleagues that is mutually tolerant and motivating is one of the ways we maintain professional ethics in any situation.


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By: Fernando|2201770744

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course