Have you heard about the importance of communication at work? Communication at work is one of the important things, why because, in our lives, we need other people to share and exchange our views, solve problems, we need them for friendship, comfort, love, and security, and at the workplace to achieve our goals and objectives. To achieve these goals, we need to communicate with each other. Communication is important in the workplace because by communicating we can see the ethics of someone or our co-workers, which of course our boss will see.

Mrs. Mira a supervisor from the palm company says “Yes, because that communication is a mirror of a professional employee. And also, communication is one indication of intellectual and also professional in the workplace.” Well, as an illustration, Mrs. Mira sees that interpersonal communication can be an indication of the person’s ethics in the workplace. Almost similar to what was said by the second source, Mr. Adi, who is a civil servant. He argued that “communication that is mainly in work is to communicate with each other because communication is the most important element in working especially in the form of socialization, because if communication is not done properly and properly in the office, where we can socialize something to the community “. He said that interpersonal communication is the main thing that supports the aspect of work ethics, especially for his work, where his job is always to socialize a government move to the community, according to him, if interpersonal communication is not good, how can he socialize something to the community.

This is related to interpersonal or communication at work, which is one of the elements that must be considered in the workplace. As said by Mrs. Mira, where communication can be an indication of ethics at work where we must differentiate communication when outside and at work because the wrong way we communicate at the office will make our co-workers think of us with the same ethics. If we communicate incorrectly, of course, our ethics will be judged by the way we communicate at work. According to Mr. Adi, this is a major factor in his work, which communicates to the public almost every day. If our communication methods are not good enough, the public will judge that the government is not good at socializing.

In interpersonal communication at the office can form a relationship, including:

  • Superior – Subordinate Relationship.¬†

In an organization, communication occurs between members from various hierarchical positions. Superior-subordinate communication refers to the interactions between organizational leaders and their subordinates and how they work together to achieve personal and organizational goals. This is what is assessed by Mrs. Mira in communicating in the workplace, so our ethics can be seen from the communication.

  • Co-worker-Relationship¬†

As Mrs. Mira said, our co-workers can judge our intellect in our workplace by looking at the way we communicate.

  • Customer – Client Relationship¬†

Mr. Adi said that if our interpersonal communication is not good, then our communication with the community will be poor, which causes people to think that the government is not good at socializing. Therefore, according to him, communication is important to improve in his workplace or become the main foundation for work.

Communication can be an existing assessment for someone, especially co-workers. If your communication is good, then your ethics will be seen as good, which makes the relationship in your workplace will develop positively by itself because interpersonal communication is a reflection of your ethics.

By: Muhammad Mirza Adira | 2201790903

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course