Many of us may have known some of the “ethics” in society. We perceive “ethics” as the daily practice of invisible rules of what are allowed to be done and are not allowed to be done. However, ethics is more just than that. Ethics can be seen as the moral value that has been formed in an individual and makes that individual different than the others. Ethics will be one of the important aspects in determining people’s behavior, especially in the workplace area.

In the workplace area, there is called “work ethic”. By the definition, work ethic is the belief that brings moral benefits and would be able to be used as one of the determinations of an individual’s competence, such as the way an individual acknowledges the importance of work. That importance of work will already be on that person’s mindset, that work ethic gives strength of achieving goals and it would be considered as a source of self-respect, satisfaction, and achievement. Let’s discuss more of this work ethic.

According to the interview that was conducted with the chosen professional respondents, Miss. Indah Cahyanti (the lecturer & staff at Gunadarma University) and Mr. Mochamad Badrudjamal (Civil Servant at BP Batam), we have gathered deeper information of work ethic based on their perspectives and experiences.

Work ethic has the crucial factor of building professionalism in person. The professionalism in work ethic there are at least five, those are “Honesty, responsibility, integrity, reliability, and teamwork” said by Miss Indah. While on our other respondent, Mr. Badrudjamal said in his perspective, work ethic can be considered as “Ethics in coordinating; ethics in accomplishing jobs and responsibility; ethics in the relationship between managers and staffs; ethics in making company decisions; ethics between the company and stakeholders”

As we sum up into the last paragraph of this article, now you may have finally got a bigger picture of what is work ethic from our previous discussion. Work ethic is much more than the definition. Work ethic is how a person holds on to the values that can boost their motivation in achieving success, by performing the best version of themselves in the work area.

By: Dwinanisa Atriana Kamila | 2201762660

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course