SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) is usually owned by each company.  SOPs were created to organize employees so that all operational hours are in tune.  Each company has its SOP which of course also varies. I tried to interview two different people from different companies as well.

The 1st source I interviewed was a barista at Starbucks Teraskota BSD, named Arya. Arya has been working there since 2018. He said that the SOP at his place of work has a great influence on customer satisfaction. As we know, Starbucks is one of the leading coffee shops in Indonesia. This American company puts customer satisfaction first. Arya said that at Starbucks the customer comes first. Starting from when he was about to start work, he made sure his appearance was clean and tidy, therefore there is a standard of grooming for Starbucks baristas. Besides grooming, they are required to always greet each new customer. Not only that, but they also serve and listen to their orders carefully, friendly, and patiently. They make sure that the customer’s order is what they want.

For these customers to feel special, Starbucks baristas are also required to write a name and a customized short message for each customer on their drink cup. If they make a mistake or a customer is disappointed with their service, as a Starbucks barista they must immediately apologize and make sure their complaint is conveyed, such as replacing the drink they complained about with a new drink that suits them

Turning to source 2, I interviewed a Bank teller at the Tangerang branch of Bank BJB (Bank Jabar Banten), named Dewi. Not much different from Arya, Dewi also has SOPs that prioritize customers in her bank. Bank BJB is one of the BUMD banks owned by the government of West Java and Banten Province, which is headquartered in Bandung. According to Wikipedia, currently, BJB Bank has 65 branch offices, 314 sub-branch offices, and 1,529 ATMs. No wonder BJB Bank ensures the satisfaction of its customers. Dewi said that as a teller she was required to always serve customers in a friendly and patient manner. He must provide information according to customer needs as clearly as possible so that the bank and customers do not get misunderstandings. Besides that, as a Teller, he is also required to always respect customers without differentiating them. She always must be able to answer customer questions regarding their transactions. Even Dewi said that the SOPs applied by BJB Bank more or less influenced her personality outside of work. He becomes a better person because he is accustomed to implementing the applicable SOPs in his work. During this pandemic, both Arya and Dewi admitted that there were additional SOPs in their respective workplaces. Arya said that the use of masks, face shields, and gloves is required during working hours.

In addition, there is a temperature check every time you start work and an additional job desk such as sanitizing tables and benches every time a customer change. Meanwhile, Dewi said that apart from implementing a health protocol for employees and customers, BJB Bank also limits the number of customers at one time. This is to anticipate customers sitting close together and not keeping their distance while waiting. In addition, Dewi said there were changes in operating hours imposed by BJB Bank during the pandemic.

By: ILMA GENIARAHMAH | 2101706791

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course