People work for either money or experience. This might be the most common question to ask when you’re about to get a job. “Will the work environment fit me?” And this might occur whether when you’re still on the bed waiting for the company’s email or even when you’re on the way for your first day at work. To answer this and to prevent further incompatibility issues, better you ask this yourself first. “What’s your ideal job look like?”

Every job has its specific environment and culture. Ms. Kirana works in a media company and she said, “everything should be fast”. This was said regarding the real cycle and environment in a media company. They produce news and people can’t just chill when it’s near the deadline, so employees should be disciplined because it’s a daily-production type of work. While Mr. Novan works in an importer company and his working environment is very much chill rather than Ms. Kirana.

Hold on, it doesn’t mean that working in a media company makes you die faster. You still want to earn money, right? Let’s continue.

What’s a positive working environment?

Cited from Indeed, a positive working environment is a workplace that cares about employees’ safety, growth, and goal attainment.

How would I know that it’s positive?

They do open and honest communication

First thing first, communication is the most important key to everything related to work. Do you want your boss to lie to you? Do you want toxic colleagues? Of course, no, right? If they won’t let you speak your mind, they don’t do open communication, and you should avoid this.

The company encourage you to perform your best ability

People aren’t born flawless and do everything perfectly. Yes, you should be prepared for your work and yes, everyone makes mistakes. It’s a positive working environment if you feel supported and encouraged to learn until you prove your best. Rather than hearing toxic comments all the time, without knowing what’s the purpose for it.

Support you to grow

No matter what job you’re doing, companies won’t just ask you to work for them but also let you grow. They let you learn and train yourself to grow every day. In this company, you will always learn something new, either about the job or outside of it. New lessons every day! This is a very valuable privilege given only by a positive working environment.

You have good Work-Life Balance

What’s that having a good Work-Life balance? It’s when you have a healthy balance between your professional (work) and personal life. As Ms. Kirana (who works in the media) said in the interview, her company is very respectful on employees’ weekends. Saturday and Sunday are holy days because they gave you no jobs. See? You won’t die faster working in a media company. In other words, companies won’t let you overwork and overtake your personal life. They will consider everything. Rest is your right!

Positive Reinforcement

Last but not least, a positive working environment pays your salary but not only that. Positive reinforcement means companies praise you for your good work. This comes not only from money but also from insurance or safety. As Mr. Novan (who works as the importer) mentioned in the interview, he’s an assistant director. Not only because seeing his position as an assistant, but he’s praised for his work. When he got into an accident and in the postoperative recovery period, the company lent him a private driver to help him go to work and back to his place. Positive reinforcement also comes in bonuses, pay raises, even until parking privilege.

By: Leoni Angelina | 2201742173

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course


Thanks to Novan Kristian and Kirana Dewi!