For some people, working is a must, but some feel that the career world is indeed a part of their life goals that they must achieve. Working in a place that suits your passions and interests, of course, everyone wants, but before looking for a workplace that matches the job desk that you are interested in, did you know that you should understand in outline what you need to pay attention to when you want to enter the world of work? When you enter the world of work, you should first understand some of the preparations that need to be considered, so that you can adapt more easily to the environment where you work.

Professional Outfit 

In your mind, dressing formally at work is an ethic that must be done by every employee. However, it turns out that not all companies where you work will enforce such norms. This is because the manner of dressing in the office depends on what fields are engaged in the company itself. Based on one of the sources I interviewed, it was argued that the dress code of each company is different from one another. When you work in a company engaged in the industry or textiles, maybe the SOP that the company applies is to use a work uniform to maintain the safety of its employees. But it’s different if you work in the fashion industry, employees who work may be allowed to wear casual but comfortable and polite clothes.

Organizational Experience 

For those of you who have joined an organization or community, it means that you have ample opportunities to attract your interviewer. According to Myrna, employees in the finance team “organizational skills can be said to be important because it makes it easier for us to work even if we don’t work in a team, with organizational skills, we learn how to work together with other people, how to communicate with parties inside and outside the organization, even if we do. gives an overview of how the world of work in general”. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t have this experience, but you should improve your skills in other aspects.

Mastering Technology 

In this modern era, technology is necessary for us to master because the majority of companies currently rely on technology in carrying out their activities. Starting from production, marketing products, to managing data. One of my informants named Mr. Matthew emphasized that technology helps the work process, but there is no need to worry if you are not very good at this field because you can learn step by step.

Understand the work ethic of the company 

A good work ethic must support the creation of a comfortable work situation for one employee to another. Work ethic is also not only a guideline but also professionalism at work. Therefore, it’s important that you understand what work ethic is.

Dealing with a conflict 

Conflict is an obstacle that can sometimes hinder the company goals; therefore, we often get questions during interviews regarding how we deal with a conflict at work. Broadly speaking, what you have to do, of course, is to understand the conflict first, identify what kind of person you have a conflict with. If you can, settle between you first and don’t immediately report to your boss. Two of my informants are Ms. Myrna and Mr. Matthew argue that conflict cannot be avoided, but we can prevent and resolve it properly.

It turns out that we need to prepare ourselves before stepping into the world of work so that we can adapt to colleagues and the work environment more quickly. Moreover, if this is the first time you will enter the work field, increasing your knowledge by reading experiences or information will help you to go further.

By: Devina Sri Cendani | 2201770990

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course