Every company must have different characteristics ranging from regulations to sanctions. But the characteristics of the company have a very good effect on the running of the company and disciplining its employees because the key to the success of the company itself is how they can care for their employees and make a fun Workplace atmosphere. Argenti (2013) states that an organization needs internal communication between superiors and subordinates to maintain relationships so that they are mutually open in terms of work. That’s why professionalism ethics need to be applied as well as Internal Communication.

For example, we got in the field through interviews that not all companies have regulations with the same sanctions. For example, the regulation regarding tardiness in PT Supra Teratai Mas, which provides a 10-minute late sanction for not entering, while PT Cingluh Indonesia will be given an SP1 / SP2. Then the smoking and spitting regulations are different. Sanctions are also different between the two companies. The existence of these regulations is made to regulate behavior or ethics in the company so that they have the identity of the company.

Not only are the sanctions and regulations different, but the atmosphere varies from company to company. Based on the facts we got from one of our sources that the creation of a fun workplace atmosphere is when employees have a close relationship like family, so if they run a project or a job it will feel lighter and the results will be better.

I have a family because most of those who have worked there have been working there for a long time, so we are like brothers, there is no barrier in a working relationship even though we have close relationships with other employees, but whose names in our company must remain professional in doing work and put personal matters aside we are friends if it’s time to joke, joke, it’s time to work, yeah “ – Azmona Dian PT Supra Teratai Metal.

The existence of an organizational culture that has been adhered to by its employees will greatly support the process of achieving the main goals of the company. Therefore, employees need to adapt to create a family environment in the company environment.


  1. Study the company in as much detail as possible.

Learn about the rules set by the company so that we are always following them and getting used to their environment.

  1. Communicating with fellow employees and building opportunities to make friends.

To be able to get to know and be recognized by colleagues, you cannot sit still and wait to be asked by others. You need to prepare by finding as much chat material as possible to build new friends so that you can successfully adapt to the company

  1. Keep negative attitudes and attitudes at work.

One small example that can damage your work pattern in the work environment is the habit of gossiping or talking about other people’s badness. If this has been your thing, you should get rid of it immediately so that you can adapt well to the work environment. Other areas included in negative attitudes and attitudes are speaking impolite, dressing inappropriately, and many others.

By applying the tips above, you can make the work atmosphere easier and adapt to its scope. Good luck!

By: Rara Andica Oryza Sativa 2201815875

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course