Being in the world of work is an exciting time for some people. However, not a few people also think that the world of work is boring. If it’s boring, maybe there is something to change? For example, as the quality of your work has not improved, you feel that your point is always the same and does not increase. This article will give you solutions to make your work more enjoyable! Let’s look at the information below.

Take The Positive Side of The Work Environment

The first step to take is to see if the work environment has an impact on you? How much influence did your work environment have on your formation? Is the influence given positive or vice versa? Reporting from KOMPAS.COM, it is said that the environment has a role in shaping the personal characteristics of each individual. Therefore, it is advisable to choose an environment that can have a positive impact on a better personality. Taking the positive side of the work environment can certainly make us change into better people. As did Firda, one of the employees who worked at ANTV. Maybe some people think that the pressure in the world of work is a troublesome thing, but not Firda. She sees the pressure of the world of work as an opportunity to make herself more resilient and have an improved quality of work. Kelvin, a professional design worker, also said that the pressure he experienced while working in the office made him change from one who worked slowly now to be faster and more thorough.

Dare to Try New Things

One way that you don’t get bored at work is to try new things at work. Every job must have different demands and problems and vary from time to time, so the resolution strategy is also different. In dealing with work problems, rather than giving up, it is more important to always prepare a variety of solution strategies to adapt to the problems at hand. In this way, you will easily solve problems and be able to survive in the work environment.

Be Open and Professional

Another way is to be open and professional. Being open in this case is a situation where you dare to accept criticism and respond to criticism in a professional way. As did Kelvin in his work environment. If what the boss criticizes is appropriate, he will accept it. However, when the criticism is not appropriate, then Kelvin will try to discuss it with his superiors, of course, by explaining concrete evidence so that his response can be accepted by the superior. It is the same as what Firda did. In her work environment, Firda said it is very important not to bring personal feelings into the world of work, because it can affect the level of individual professionalism in doing their work, which will also determine the quality of the work.

Have A Positive Attitude at Work

Attitude is all human activities or activities, either directly observed or which cannot be observed by outsiders (Notoatmodjo, 2003). From this description, it can be concluded that attitude is something that can be seen directly by others. From this attitude, other people also make judgments about someone’s themselves. For example, when 2 people are talking, while 1 other person immediately interrupts the conversation disrespectfully. So, an assessment of that person will be judged to have no courtesy in speaking. To create an increased quality of work, a pleasant work environment is needed, this environment can be created from assessments built by colleagues. So, every employee needs to maintain their attitude both verbally and non-verbally to create a good impression in their work environment.

Maintain Relationships with Consumers

In the world of work, the relationship between producers and consumers is very close. One of the keys to a successful job is to have a good image for consumers. Therefore, it is also important to maintain good relations with consumers so that what we do is attracted by consumers, so that they use the services or products we create. Apart from convincing consumers that we are professionals, it is important to always instill a friendly and polite attitude towards consumers. Thus, an increase in the level of customer satisfaction is directly proportional to an increase in the quality of employee work.

So, there are five ways to overcome boredom by improving the quality of work. After reading this article, it’s time for you to start applying this method in your real life. Fighting!


By: Bella Barliana Cang | 2201732954

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course