Those who are already working may be familiar with the office world, but for teenagers and young adults, it seems that they are still quite unfamiliar with the office world. What will I be like when I work? Am I able to survive there? Then what if I later work with many people, will I be able to? Well, there’s nothing wrong with thinking about the world of work early because that way you can prepare from now on so that later you won’t be surprised by life in an office.

The main thing you have to do when you enter the workforce is to adapt. Yep, because we are going to experience a transition period from “free” life, now we have to be “tied up” because you already have a big new responsibility. Maybe before when you acted you only maintained a safe face you, your family, and the place you studied, but when you enter the world of work you also have to maintain the good name of your company. So how can you adapt to the office? You can directly interact with the people in it. Find out what their conversation topic is, find out what their interests are, once you know you can find the information so that in the future you can be more flexible to chat with them because the topic you are talking about is connected. If you are still awkward to directly interact with them, you can also pay attention to the surrounding situation first, be polite, and also friendly. During this adaptation period you don’t need to take a long time because you also need to interact with your co-workers to discuss work, right? 1-2 weeks is a sufficient duration to adapt to the world of work.

The next thing you have to pay attention to is communication. Whatever your job, you need to communicate and also have ethics in communicating. You have to know how the communication model in your office environment is, does it have to be formal? Can you just relax? This can be a boomerang for you when you don’t pay attention to the communication model in your office because of course communicating with 25 years old will be different if we communicate with those in their 40s, communication during lunch is different when you meet with company directors, maybe this little thing will be a big thing for your career later! You also have to know how to convey opinion in the office, with you conveying politely and clearly what you say, it will save you from a problem at the office.

Apart from the two things above, what you have to master is teamwork. This should be familiar in our lives because humans are social creatures and of course in the office, you will work in a lot of teams with your colleagues. “A little talk a lot a lot to hear” of course you are familiar with the sentence, right? Yep, from an early age, you have to be able to learn a lot of listening to other people’s opinions and input, only when you finish listening you can respond to what your coworkers say, of course before you respond you have to think about what you will respond to them first so that later there are no sentences that hurt each other. You also have to pay attention to your position at that time, whether you are a leader or you are a member. When you are the leader in the team, you must be wise in managing your emotions. Emotions are not always bad, but you have to be able to control them so they don’t turn bad. But if we are members, we just need to do the tasks that have been given and also have to actively give opinions and answer questions from our leaders. If there are problems in working together, it is natural because there are many heads in it, but we also have to know how to react to them and solve them too. Don’t let you take this problem out of the realm of the office because later it can cause worse things.

The last thing you should pay attention to is how to dress because this can reflect on you. It is fortunate if your office/company provides uniforms or provisions so you just have to follow the existing ones. But what if your office/company doesn’t provide uniforms or rules? You have to pay attention to the dress culture there, then you adjust it. In addition to following the culture, of course, you also have to dress neatly and formally so that you can be rated well by your colleagues and bosses!

So, are you ready to enter the world of work after reading the above? Of course, there are still many things to prepare, so you have to read a lot and find out regularly so that later you won’t be surprised when you enter the world of work!

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By: Maria Wiradhika M.| 2201789441

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course