Every human being needs to communicate. As social beings, communication between fellow humans cannot be separated from our daily lives. Communication as a part of life also has ethics in it. Communication is one of the crucial things in human life, so we need to understand communication ethics. Communication ethics is one of the special ethics because it discusses certain parts of human life. Without communication ethics, unwanted things can occur such as misunderstandings, quarrels, disputes, and so on. Communication ethics that are not known and applied will cause our relationship with others to become bad. Of course, that will have bad consequences because after all we are social creatures who always need and need other people, humans also basically always want to be respected, either by nature, dignity, or dignity.

The working relationship between employees, both superiors and subordinates, co-workers, or interaction between companies that work together demands that everyone who interacts in it behaves ethically towards one another. Ethics can be interpreted as moral, often associated with morality, customs, or good habits that apply in society in general and especially, in this case, is the work environment and companies as well as interactions between companies.

In the world of work ethics is very important, because ethics is the key and guide to work professionalism, so before speaking professionally or not, ethics must first be understood. Ethics in the office provide instructions to every employee as a guide in acting and treating anyone in a good and proper manner.

As in a state company, work ethics and behaviors is important just like our contributor, Hendra Nugraha says “ Working at a state-owned bank like me, all have structures and levels, the higher levels must be respected and rewarded with good behavior, proper language order, polite and courteous, or placing oneself in speaking and relating to whom “ in the other side another contributor who works in event organizer and advertising agency, Adrian Setiawan says “ In my workplace at EO and agency may be classified as more relaxed, the way to dress is relaxed, but to talk to superiors and even company partners and corporate clients are different, courtesy and professional speaking ethics are needed ” From the statements of our two contributors, it can be concluded that every company has different work regulations, but in communicating in the workplace and its environment, work ethics is needed as a guide in acting and treating anyone in a good way and an appropriate attitude.

There are many ways to apply ethics and customs at work. According to Hendra Nugraha, behave in a good and right manner in the workplace, dress neatly in work clothes, proper shoes, for women wear polite work clothes, at workwear appropriate work clothes, not even miniskirts or dresses. Distinguish communicating with those who have higher positions even though they are close friends, not with social language like “lu” “gue” communicate in correct and clear language, willing to accept input or be reprimanded. To complete it, we added an explanation from our other contributor, Adrian Setiawan from Event Organizer Company, we must understand, with whom we talk to others or with people who are more important or with a position higher than us, and not in the context of friendship but context. work in the world of work. Even though we are good friends with our superiors outside the world of work, at work, in the office, in the work environment, when discussing work, communication ethics must be used. For example, he added, such as adjusting the volume and tone to talk, if you talk to your boss, don’t have a higher tone, don’t interrupt the conversation, play with your gaze, if we are talking in a discussion look the other person’s eyes and others.

As for the consequences and sanctions of the two contributors, we explain that there are no legal sanctions in effect in Indonesia regarding sanctions and penalties for violating work ethics. What does exist are sanctions from the company due to violations of company regulations and usually social sanctions due to violations of work ethics, as exemplified by the effect of our career violations at work being hampered because it increases the bad judgment of our superiors against us.

If we want to interact successfully and be respected in the office, we must know about ethics and put our habits following what applies in the office. The more ethical and habitual we are at work, the better our work performance and professionalism will be. Creating and building harmony and closeness of relationships between employees in an office through attitudes, behavior, manners, can increase employee productivity. Employees feel comfortable, relationships, and office customers are satisfied with service that is full of friendliness, sincerity, interesting, sympathetic, and empathic friendship. Thus, the image of the institution will be better in the eyes of relations and partners.


Keyword: Communication, Professional Communication, Workplace Ethics

By: Desi Yulianti | 2201792423

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course