As university graduates, we learn and strive to work in a company to broaden our horizons. We are expected to be professionals, have the best attitude in the workplace. A professional is someone who is an expert in a certain profession. While being professional is the attitude you portray, how someone is responsible, has high integrity, and can represent their company. A workplace is a place where people work, such as in an office or factory. Every professional has different kinds of workplaces. Some are stricter than others, the dress code varies, depending on the industry. There are standard workplace regulations, and there are some additional or customized regulations in certain workplaces.

When we are a graduate and want to work in a company, we must bring our A-game. A positive and professional attitude will help us adapt to the work environment. How to make sure that you bring a professional attitude into the workplace? Be responsible for your tasks and be accountable for every single thing that you do or say. Have high integrity. Think before acting and always be on time.

It is normal for us newly grads to feel nervous on our first day. We don’t know what to expect from the new workplace, on top of that we must also make new friends. A few days ago, I asked two of my friends about their own workplace experiences, and they gave me a few tips to help you adapt to your new workplace. First, you must be open. Don’t let your nervousness get to you, give it time to get used to the new environment. Second, be a good observer and listener. You must think before acting. The third is to communicate expertly. Especially as communication graduates, we must be better at this than anyone else out there. Don’t be afraid to ask, communicate your problems and opinions.

Being professional will come easy if you start from now. Treat others with respect, pay attention to the regulations, be accountable for yourself. Then having a professional attitude will come easy for you later on.

Keyword: Attitude, Communication, Professional Communication, Workplace Ethics & Behaviour

By: Josephine Nadine | 2201742652

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course