The company wants us to work professionally and follow the existing rules in the company because when the company calls us to work at the company, it means the company believes that we can follow the existing rules in the company, and believe that we can work professionally. And, of course in companies, many people have different cultures and religions and others, and maybe because of that, we have to be more adaptive, because that itself is already risky if we work, moreover we have to look at the existing rules in the company first so that we can find out whether we can work and can follow these rules or not so that we don’t feel inadequate when we work.

And when I interviewed several people to get information about how conditions are in their company, and I got some answers that might help us, when later we work in a company with lots of people who have differences with us, from the people I interviewed.

The answer is almost the same, namely, “We can deal with it by adapting and feeling that we have to work professionally because we work in a company that must maintain its image” or “The point is we adapt to many people who have differences”, and also “Don’t feel afraid but have to adjust to that person so that we too feel comfortable when in the company”.

And, I get an answer from how the rules are burdensome for you or not, and both answered, “Before you work you must know the rules of the game that exist in the company because surely every company has a dress code, limited time to enter the company late, and according to them this is very standard because surely every company has these rules”. And I conclude that the rules at their company work don’t burden themselves so they can make them work professionally

Maybe when we work in a company, we know that every job in the company has its pros and cons or fatigue. The advantages:

  1. Of course, we will get a lot of knowledge from working in companies
  2. where we will get a lot of relationships because surely those who work in the company of many people are not only 1 or 2 people
  3. where we can learn to adapt to people who may be older than us and adapt to the differences that each person has

And, the drawbacks:

  1. Where when we work in the office must have many rules
  2. where we will feel tired because we have to walk home in a traffic jam

So, working in a company is not difficult, don’t be afraid because it adapts to people who have differences with us, don’t be afraid of the existing regulations in the company, work professionally, and adapt to those who have differences. to increase knowledge and make you feel comfortable at work because you have friends.

Keywords: Communication, Rules, Workplace, Workplace Ethics & Behaviour

By: Nielsen Silwanus | 2201781741

This article is based on a PR Lab practicum project for the Workplace Ethics & Behaviour course