Rich Brian, a rapper from Indonesia, whose name has soared to this international level. Has two video clips that really catch the attention of the audience. Namely, one of the video clips entitled 100 degrees and love in my pocket feature a service and product that is very popular in Indonesia. Namely, the “Gojek” brand in the 100 degrees and the instant noodle product “Indomie” in the love in my pocket MV. It turned out that many viewers had the wrong focus on seeing the two products featured in the music video.

Rich Bryan

In fact, this is an alternative strategy for product marketing, which is commonly called product placement. Product placement itself is a form of advertising in which branded products and services are shown in a film, television show, personal video, radio, and one of them in a music video. Usually, products and services are shown subtly so as not to appear too “advertising”. So that you will get positive feelings and persuasive feelings that arise.

This music video by Rich Brian is successful in placing these products and services embedded and not explaining openly. We can see in the music video entitled 100 degrees wherein the scene Rich Brian is standing in the middle of the street, with a background of people who are on the move. Here we can see a person wearing a green jacket with the logo and the words “Gojek” delivering a brown paper bag. That is one of the services from Gojek between Go-food or Go-send services.

And in the music video entitled “love in my pocket” there is a scene where a monster character is taking a product from “Indomie” and also in a scene where Rich Brian is cooking and eating noodles, and there is a pile of “Indomie” products on the table. back.

Actually, the product placement here has been smooth and attractive. However, because these goods and services are very well known in Indonesia and also the figure of Rich Brian who is known to be very cool in the eyes of the public. So, the audience who saw the music video immediately focused on the products and services. and this means positive. Because people are able to do brand recall and increase brand awareness because this music video is also viral.

This alternative product placement marketing strategy has been widely used and we often find it in films, videos, radio, and music videos in Indonesia. although, sometimes product placements seem like advertisements in a film and so on. however, this strategy is widely used in Indonesia.

By: Erika / 2201729026

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