Every year, the world will welcome the new batch of the graduated student from every university, this means that they have crossed the education world and now they are going to face the professional world. As fresh graduates, we do feel scared, worried, and sometimes frustrated towards our new step into this professional words. This happened because we have never experienced this new environment and sometimes our mind just thinks it in the wrong way. But we don’t have to worry because the fact is a lot of millennials now days feel comfortable in their job and the environment even at the beginning of their career journey and one of them are Dennis Albert Leonardo S.Kom who works in PT. Optima Data International as a Technical Consultant.

Dennis admits that at firsts he did feel a lot of pressure, worried, and scared to step into the professional world but after he has stepped in, he does not feel that way. He feels comfortable because his coworker and senior are very supportive and very understanding which help him adapt faster. Although his coworkers are very supportive, he still shows his best work to minimize any mistakes. He was also more sensitive in his work environment to know how does their communications work and after that, he applies the right communication with his coworker because he knew that as a team communication is important. If there any misunderstanding or problem between coworkers, it is best to talk it out with a cold head, listen and try to solve it together. According to Dennis, he believes that responsibility and discipline are the things that very important every professional must-have because it will show your attitude and professionalism. So as fresh graduates, we don’t need to worry about this new world that we’re gonna face because the now professional environment has changed, they become more comfortable and build support system which can help and make you adapt faster.

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