Did you know that there was a bizarre thing caught on an x-ray photo that went viral and became a hot topic among netizens? There were hundreds of white dots on the x-ray photo and it was said that those white dots were susuk that were inserted into the soft tissues of the body. Have you ever heard of “susuk” before? Susuk is known as charm needles that are made of flowers, gold, steel, diamond, or any other precious metals which are inserted into the soft tissues of the body to act as a talisman.

Indonesia is a country that still believes in superstition, and that is one of the reasons why susuk or charm needle culture exists. Charm needle culture can actually be found in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Thailand as well. In Indonesia, there are five regions that are famous for charm needles; Kalimantan, Central Java, Malay, East Java, and the Eastern part of Indonesia.

Susuk or charm needle is a part of the black magic practice which is usually done secretly. The practice is done secretly because if anyone knew that a person has charm needles, the charm won’t work. Besides that, Charm needles must be taken out before that person dies, or else it will be troublesome. Charm needle culture has a negative stigma in Indonesia since it is commonly used for people to get something easier either power or wealth. Not only power and wealth, but it is also used as protection against injury in an accident and to gain immunity.

The most common charm needle we can easily find is a charm needle for beauty or to increase attractiveness. Some of the most popular charm needles in Indonesia are gold, diamond, liquid, “samber lilin”, and metal or steel charm needles.

For gold charm needles, people no longer insert solid gold onto the body but they take positive energy instead and put it in a particular capsule so people can just drink it as if it’s medicine. Gold charm needles are known to increase wealth. As for diamond charm needles, it must be inserted to a certain part of the body and it is usually used by officials and pelakor. Meanwhile, liquid charm needles are made from a special liquid which is usually prayed beforehand and it is usually warm. Just like the name, the practice for this kind of charm needle is simply by drinking it. For “samber lilin” charm needle, it is made from green animals. This type of charm needle is typically used by men. Lastly, metal charm needles. The use of this charm needle is to protect the person from any threats and for immunity.

Even though charm needles help people to gain or get things they want easier, there are some consequences and effects that they might go through. Just like mentioned above, if they don’t remove those needles before they die, they won’t die easily. Other than that, if the person cannot handle the energy from the charm needle well enough, they could lose their minds. They also need to avoid some things or else the charm needle’s charm would wear off. Apart from that, they will only have temporary happiness.