As we all know, everyone wants everything to be on time, starting from food order and the deliverance of a package, we all want it to be delivered and come on time. Most people don’t like it when it comes to waiting. I mean, everyone might have another schedule in the next couple of hours and they may have planned it before we know it, so It’s better to play safely after all! What does this punctuality have to do with our ethics? You might already know where this leads you to. According to my interview with some people that have worked in the professional world previously, the things people usually pay attention to when it comes to the meeting between clients are our behavior and ethics (this can be clothes, way of talking, non-verbal behavior, introduction, etc). Some clients may pay attention to our clothes and way of talking, but it seems that the first impression regarding our punctuality is the most important thing that our client paid attention to. But this makes sense. The first thing that we could notice when meeting a person that we never met is the time. Place and clothes could matter, but the most remembered thing out of all the things around us is the time someone arrives. We could easily remember if that person is being on-time or late. That’s why when we describe new people we have met recently, we usually say about his arrival, for example: ”Oh, I remember the guy who comes late to our meeting. It seems that he forgot to set an alarm for our meeting.” A simple late being on-time on a meeting could lead people to think that we don’t take the meeting seriously or didn’t respect the client, because we have made people ‘wait’, even for a minute. They might doesn’t say it in front of you, but they tell it to their connection. But other than punctuality, there are several points that most of the clients also paid attention to when it comes to the meeting:

  • Clothing
  • The way we communicate verbally/non-verbally
  • Integrity

Yes, these three points affect us in some cases of meeting with clients, but not every time. Everyone has their preferences, style of communication. So, I think that the most important things that could sync together and be judged objectively are punctuality and integrity, although, integrity only can be judged if you already worked together in the same team. The most important is punctuality because being on time in the first meeting could describe what kind of person you are.

By Sharon Faustine/ 2201748662