As we get older and gain more experience, meet new people, and joined more organization or volunteer, you would notice that every group or workplace have their own working culture. The working culture that we are talking about is not just about the way how the employees work, but also how the company works every day such as how the company sets their working schedule, professionalism in work, or even their employees dating status.

Many working cultures differ on how you what industry are you in, So how different the working culture in the creative industry and marketing industry? Recently I got a wonderful chance to interview employees from both industries, one from Binus TV, and the other interviewee is from PT. Trimitra Sejati Tanindo. The simplest difference between the creative industry and the marketing industry is about the working time, Adin Ayiman, is employees at Binus TV, said that his work is strict since the schedule is one of the main points at broadcasting. On the other hand, Sjahada who is working at a water purifying company as a marketing manager recount that he works according to the schedule and has to be a fast response for the customer. But when talking about professionalism, both interviewees answered the same thought. Professionalism is the key to a good working culture in both industries. With professionalism, a company can minimalize the chances of conflicts such as miss-scheduling like what Ayiman said or personal conflict such as jealousy like what Sjahada mentioned. But both agreed that each of their company does have a good working culture. Ayiman said that Binus TV has a good working culture because all the employees are treating everyone with respect following the Javanese culture. Sjahada also believed that Trimitra also has a good working culture because from 25 years he has been working there, he saw the company grows time by time.

From the interview, we can say that every company has its own working culture, it might be similar to the total opposite. The definition of a good working culture might differ, but we can agree that professionalism is one thing that every employee has in their work culture.

By: Brigitta – 2201788363