Indonesia has many companies that are established in their respective fields. Call it one of them, a business company that is growing and advancing. Business companies in Indonesia are also very diverse in terms of clothing, food, shelter, and others. As is the case with businesses in the food sector which are now starting to develop and of course become public consumption. Not only that, but business companies in terms of services can also be said to have many varieties and have quite good quality.

One of the business companies from the food sector that has been established for a long time and is advanced is the company PT Bogarasa Aditama (Le Gourmet). This company produces foods such as various kinds of bread and various kinds of modern and traditional cakes. Founded in 1985, Le Gourmet has set the standard for producing premium quality cakes and pastries. This company also has quite several branches spread across the Jakarta area.

After giving a little brief profile, let’s get to know a little deeper about how the work system and work style of its employees at this company. The results of an interview (09/27/2020) with one of the senior employees at this company showed that she (SW) said that when working at a company, of course, you must have good ethics, both in terms of communication and teamwork. When you are with your boss, there are certainly different ways of communication and the language used, politeness and formal language are of course used. However, if with partners or colleagues, the use of polite language is still used, but there are times when informal language can also be used. Also, a disciplined attitude must be applied and an important point in work or otherwise.

She said that discipline is not only for the company, the way it works but also for customers who buy products. Timeliness and good service quality must be applied so that customers are satisfied with the products sold and with the services provided. Well, the most important point that is said is don’t forget to always maintain communication with colleagues and work partners so that all information is always updated with one another.

Now for a glimpse of PT Bogarasa Aditama, let’s move to a company in the service sector that is still the owner’s foundation with the previous company, namely Mahakam Eka Graha or better known as Hotel Gran Mahakam. This is a five-star standard hotel with a modern classic concept which is certainly very comfortable to be used as a place to stay with family or friends. Located on Jl. Mahakam No.8, Kramat Pela, South Jakarta. Intrigued by the employee work system at this five-star hotel? let’s take a peek at how the employee said!

After conducting an exclusive interview (09/27/2020)with one of the senior employees who turned out to be not only an employee, you know, but a senior chef who has worked at this hotel for decades. According to him (TS), a company certainly has its own rules, but a worker must have ethics when working in a company. He said that starting from good ethics, good work results will be born because ethics is a person’s character. Well, besides that, he also said that discipline is very important in doing work, especially in terms of punctuality at work because if you are not disciplined, the work will be messy and not well structured. Besides, he also said that communication at work, such as in teamwork, must go well so that all the latest information can be updated to all other partners and so that there are no misunderstandings or miss communication.

Wow, this is very impressive, the work system applied by the two companies. Now for those of you who also work, don’t forget to always maintain good communication between your partners so that there is a good information system, polite and good language, both with colleagues and especially with superiors, don’t forget to always be disciplined anywhere Anytime, especially when you’re at work, guys!

By: Tiara Anisya Putri – 2201826720