Indonesia does have a variety of unique cultures and traditions, but many people are not aware of existing cultures and traditions. If we examine further there is an interesting tradition for us to know as Indonesians. In a culture or tradition, there are many values that we can take from the historical story of that culture or tradition.

As a resident of Jakarta, I often pass by a barbershop that says “Asgar Haircut” and actually not only in Jakarta I often see Asgar Haircut, in Bandung to Jogja I often find it. I was also wondering what the meaning of the word “Asgar” is and why I often find it everywhere. It turns out that “Asgar” is actually originated fromĀ Garut, it turns out that people from Garut are famous for their haircuts, many people work as barbers.

Barbershops in Indonesia are often identical with Garut people (originally from Garut) and the majority come from the district. Banyuresmi. The triumph of the Asgar barber has long been legendary. Asgar is the real identity that is owned by people who work as hairdressers.

Asgar barbershops were first performed in 1920 by a Dutch barber named Ldi but lived in Garut. Ldi then taught his skills to his younger siblings. Be his family known as a barber. However, it’s just that the barbers at that time were not for the natives but only for the Dutch.

The first haircut skill is only owned by families who have learned it from generation to generation but, if you have many families and are scattered in Garut, the science of haircut is spread by itself. In the end, there was an incident in the era of DI / TII Kartosuwiryo, all residents of Garut who were afraid chose to leave Garut and take refuge in other areas. During the evacuation, Garut residents used their expertise, barbers as a profession so they could live in the refugee camps and in the end, the knowledge of shaving hair was passed on to their children and grandchildren.

In Garut itself, the tradition of haircut still exists today. Young people in Garut are interested in mastering haircuts because they hear the success stories of previous hairdressers who were successful and have traveled to other cities. Their brotherhood became more and more attached after the Asgar barbers gathered in the Garut Haircut Brotherhood (PPRG) forum.

Indonesia has many diverse cultures and traditions in each region and region. Culture is defined as a certain way of life of a group of people, which consists of stores of knowledge, experiences, beliefs, values, traditions, religions, understanding of time, roles, spatial relationships, world views, material objects, and geographical areas.

The story above is a tradition of the people originally from Garut, whose inhabitants work as barbers. Where initially a group of people who have a tradition from generation to generation to the extent. If it is related to culture, there are several points that can be explained. components of Culture there is an inner core of culture, namely, history, identity, beliefs, values, and world view. We can see from the side of history and identity.

History contains the storage and bearer of cultural heritage, where asgardians used to be from the time they fled to avoid armed conflicts between DI / TII and the government that often occurred in Garut. Identity, a sense of ‘who we are’ or ‘who I am’, the Asgardians have the Garut Haircut Brotherhood (PPRG) as the original Garut barber, they are proud of that identity because the Asgar haircut is already famous in the big cities.

By: Alya Zahira Nurindra Putri