Have you heard of someone talking about lucky days and unlucky days? To be honest, there are many from various cultures who have beliefs about days that have luck or days that are better than other days. An example of one of the cultures that most often discuss this thing is Chinese culture. I have always heard about this from my environment since I was a child, where we have a calendar that can give clues to whether this day will be lucky or not. Maybe I didn’t understand what the calendar was used for when I was little?

But as I got older, I increasingly understood that in our culture we have the belief that this calendar calculation can lead us to avoid bad luck in order to get more luck even though we will always have bad days. Actually, who made this calendar for the first time? This calendar was created during the time of the Huang Di emperor, where only members of the kingdom could have the calendar, so it can be said that the calendar is an inferior item that not everyone can have. However, along with the development of the times, in the end, there are many people who make Chinese calendars on the market with the versions of the changes that have existed until now. Actually, this calendar is a combination of the masehi and hijriah calendars, where the masehi calendar calculates the movement of the sun, while the hijriah calendar calculates the days with the

changing movements of the month.


So that the Chinese calendar combines the two things and adds some differences such as adding some Fengshui, zodiac, and giving the indication that today is a good day for any pillar. Wait a minute, you must be confused about what is Feng Shui or zodiac or a good day according to the pillars? Actually, it is an element and that in every human being from birth that can be symbolized by an animal, and usually, the placement of elements is carried out by calculating the sun and moon so that it can be seen that there are many who are always learning who the zodiac will get a lot of luck this year because in fact every time it will be rolled every year with different elements too. So what does this have to do with good and bad days? According to Chinese culture, there are several moments that on those days some elements do not have luck because each element can help or destroy one another like water and fire that cannot be put together, right? Then in this calendar, he also provides an explanation that every day will be good for certain pillars to carry out actions such as a good day to get married, carry out burials, or even open or run a business. So you guys have started to know, right? That this calendar is very important for the Chinese people because it is one of the pointers for living a life other than religion which remains its main point. Then, astronomical calculations are also similar to Javanese astronomical calculations which are more or less a combination of good acculturation so that there are still some people doing things like offerings in rituals carried out by some of these cultures. That’s why Culture and People are connected to each other as the inner corner of culture that in culture it always have history, identity, beliefs, values, and worldview that we see in Chinese culture.


Beliefs about what is right and wrong for example like having luck and unlucky days. And, in this culture we also learn that culture is something that we learn because we learn our cultural rules and norms through communication and socialization that also can change as time goes by, that is why culture is also important things that will never get we lose. Thank you!

By: Edbert Philaret