Indonesia has a variety of ethnicities and cultures. All Indonesian culture is very unique and cool, therefore we as Indonesians must be proud of Indonesian culture. One of the Indonesian cultures that are widely known by Indonesians or outside Indonesia is Batik.
Batik? Surely we are familiar with the name Batik. Nowadays batik has been used or worn by people from all walks of life, from children to adults. Batik is one of the arts crafts that are in demand by many people, Indonesians and foreigners also use or wear batik. Historically, batik originated from the Javanese tribe. Batik tradition was originally a tradition passed down from generation to generation so that sometimes the batik motif can be recognized as coming from a particular family batik.

At first, batik was made only to cover the surface of the cloth. However, over time, batik was developed into a garment that was in great demand. After that, with the development of batik technology, it is not only used as a clothing style, but there are many knick-knacks or accessories that use batik patterns.

Therefore, we can find batik anywhere. Because batik is one of Indonesia’s cultural arts that is very unique and has distinctive characteristics, batik has many enthusiasts and fans.
In general, people wear batik when they want to go to work, to school, and for important occasions which are used as formal clothes. But now batik is used as a fashion for traveling so that we look attractive.

I also really admire batik, because the way of making batik requires a long process and has its characteristics. Batik patterns also have many kinds, such as clothes, scarves, bandanas, bags, and other accessories. I am also very proud because batik is loved by many people, not only in Indonesia but also abroad.

It is quite often I meet people around me who use batik as their fashion, and that is enough to prove that batik is indeed very unique, and also multipurpose. It is not surprising that foreigners

also like batik, which is indeed an attractive image design and quality for the eye, not everyone can make batik.
Therefore, to love Indonesian culture, we as Indonesians are required to be proud and have a sense of love for our own culture. People abroad can love Indonesian culture, yes, we as Indonesians who actually cannot love their own culture.

Come on, start with small things to be able to love Indonesian culture, such as using authentic Indonesian goods, learning more about Indonesian culture, and not insulting other cultures.

By: Rossa Putri Yulianda