These days, having a professional experience such as an internship is important and beneficial for our future. Luckily, the campus where I study, BINUS University, allows me to have a professional experience in the company. BINUS gave us several options to choose from, but I ended up choosing the internship track. I started an internship in August 2019 within a contract for five months in one of the companies in the HR field called Kelly Services Indonesia.

At first, I had no idea how marketing works in an HR Company since I never had work experience in an HR Company before. Hence, I Googled “Working in the HR Company”. From what I have found, the reviews were as follows: fun, nothing much, flat, etc. From there, I challenge myself to get to know how marketing works in the HR Company. After observing for five months during the internship, I could say that “what people say doesn’t necessarily match what’s on the scene”.

Pengalaman Magang Regina
Pengalaman Magang Regina

Creating content was one of my jobs at Kelly’s. By combining ideas I have with my supervisor’ to develop content on Kelly’s Instagram, it was one of the most memorable experiences for me. From there I can learn the details of how to execute content for a company. Furthermore, my internship period was at the end of the year and in this period, there were many events, so I was able to handle events.

On handling events, my team and I had to make sure everything was ready before the day of the event and that made me work overtime. It is tiring but for me, I got to learn not only about the main task responsibilities but also more about my co-workers. I also get to feel satisfaction when I can finish my duty and they like it.

Besides doing my main job as an intern in the marketing division, I also built good relationships with all employees during and after office hours. There were office chats where we talk about work and what experience they have.

I also joined one of Kelly’s tradition called “lunch together”, which is a lunch with colleagues with small talks. After office hours, I get quite a lot of knowledge about working in the office, where we can talk about work-life, personal life, asking for advice, etc. That way I get new friends who are not only during office hours but also afterward.

Five months of the internship felt truly short, as I not only learned about how a marketing person works at an HR Company but also improved my communication skills. My days were filled with work that I have never done before, meeting new people, hanging out, and those were the things that made me enjoy doing an internship.

Writer: Regina Geovania

Editor: Yonathan