The Power of Social Media
AW Karin

AwKarin is done with Instagram?! The social media is all talking about the famous celebgram who decided to say goodbye to Instagram. Who doesn’t know Awkarin here in Indonesia? The girl who rose to fame because of her youtube video that went viral. A little girl from a small island named Karin Novilda or known as her stage name AwKarin who first start off with a small online shop, then posted a youtube video of her crying because of her break up with her ex-boyfriend. That youtube video went viral and made her known to the people. Karin was kind of different than the other girls. She was more open-minded and didn’t really care about what other people say about her. She wore exposing clothes, cursed a lot, and also does PDA in public or on social media. In Indonesia, it’s rare to see girls like that here because majority is Muslim in Indonesia. It’s not respectful to wear exposed clothes in public and showing off PDA. PDA is public display of affection. It’s a big taboo here in Indonesia but Karin doesn’t seem to care and just does it anyway. That made her popular but not by good comments, she was surrounded by negative comments. Some people are amazed seeing her boldness and her not caring about what other people say, but some people also don’t like seeing her like that and hate on her. But people hating on her and the more people talking about her just made her even more famous.


Then she began dating a guy who was the CEO of Takis Entertainment. Takis Entertainment is a management who deals with wannabe celebgrams and help them rise to fame by asking them to do paid promotes and endorsements. His name was Oka Mahendra Putra. They dated for some time and she joined in the management of her boyfriend. They worked together and became partners. The entertainment became well-known and even sold their own Takis merchandise (hats, shirts, shoes). Karin became a little more well-known because of her well-done endorsements, paid promotes and cute relationship with her boyfriend. Her followers in Instagram has also risen to a few hundred thousand. But their love story didn’t last for long, they soon decided to break up and move on. Still being partners in the same entertainment, they remained friends after the break up. Not a long time after that, there was a news that the well-known CEO of Takis Entertainment committed suicide. The reason behind why he ended his own life was not clear yet, but rumours said that he killed himself because of depression. Karin was devastated by the news and of course grieved about it and the news of it spread all over the internet. It even went on the news. She posted about her devastation on her Instagram story and many people commented about it. Even by this incident, people began to know her name and learnt about who she is.


Of course, because of the loss of the Takis Entertainment’s CEO, the management decided to disband. Karin began to fly solo and become a famous celebgram herself. She was becoming even more popular than before and her followers even reached millions now. She was famous for her flawless pictures and her endorsements.


She then decided to make her own management. It’s now well-known by the name A-team Management. She was her own CEO of the management and she began signing contracts with new fresh young people who wanted to become celebgrams too. She became even richer than before. She can afford her own house, her own assistant, and she was traveling the world. Karin’s endorsements price rate is the highest in Indonesia and she has the most followers among all the celebgrams in Indonesia. From only 200k rupiah a picture on Instagram, has become 3 million rupiah a picture on Instagram. Even just paying for her paid promote on her 24hour Instagram story is 1 million. She was really the highest paid celebgram in Indonesia. Her followers was last counted to be 3,7million. Her management also became popular and many people wanted to join her management, but it’s not easy. Soon her management was filled with people with half-raced. The people who joined her management was soon called as talents.


Even after all the fame, Karin decided to sell her Instagram. After she decided to quit Instagram and quit being a celebgram, she chose to sell her Instagram account with 3,7 million followers for not stated how much. But it soon was sold fast. So, her decision about leaving Instagram was firm and bold and there were no second thinking. In her Instagram story, she stated “For all of you who thinks that this is just a hoax or drama, you’re wrong. I broadcasted in LINE, on the 22nd all paid promote and endorse will be posted. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to use my Instagram again. I will just post all the paid promotes and endorses from the 22nd because of my responsibility and all the work that is paid for.”


But she came back. What do you mean came back? She returned to social media. She apparently sold her Instagram to herself. It’s kind of funny because after what she posted all over the internet. A video of her in YouTube saying that she stopped social media. She resurfaced on Instagram. This proves that humans nowadays can’t be away from social media. Right now, everybody can’t live without social media. Have you ever seen someone now who doesn’t have a phone? Or doesn’t have an Instagram account? Right now, even parents in the age of 30’s to 50’s have Instagram accounts. This continues to prove that humans now are relying on technology. Studies state that people spend 5-8 hours on their phone in a day. Not only AwKarin can’t get away from social media, it seems that almost everybody is glued on their devices. Toddlers or kids nowadays can’t seem to find entertainment in outdoor games or fun games with other kids. But they only can find their entertainment in gadgets. Kids nowadays are given iPads, iPhones, androids, so they can watch movies and games. Not actual fun. Well let’s not only talk about generation nowadays. Let’s reflect on ourselves, can YOU let go of social media? ?


Doreen Dorothy