If you are wondering why workplace can be a little bit tight, maybe it because you are not ready yet. Being ready means you must set up your heart into 100% to start your day. Keep your day in positive vibes gives you a lot of benefits. Focus and be a good listener might help you understand more about work and workplace as well. By that you can improve your ability and compete with others employee. If you are smart, optimistic, and hard worker, you are not a complete employee yet until you become a good listener.

listening in communication
source: pexels.com

So how to be a good listener in the workplace? Here are 4 tricks to do to become a good listener:

Plan for nuggets. As you take notes during a meeting, use a column on the right or left to jot down key takeaways or insights about what you learned.

Consider the source. Recognize that the person you are listening to has a unique perspective or viewpoint.

Slow down. Being emphatic when listening to co-workers, customers, or clients takes time. Minimize distraction and take time to truly hear what they say.

Keep yourself honest. Ask others to provide feedback on how well you listen when interacting with others in your workplace.

So that’s tricks on how to be a good listener. Now you are ready to start your day.