In a company, professional attitude is needed so that we can do our job well. One of the professional attitudes we can show is about verbal communication.

verbal communication is a direct communication, verbal communication is not just about words coming out of our speech, but the messages we provide via mobile phones, signed, even to magazines we read in the morning are examples of verbal communication. Having good verbal

communication certainly has a lot of impact on our career progress there are:

1. verbal communication can load us easily provide information to others it is very useful when we are leading a meeting and want to provide an information to our client

2. by having good verbal communication we can also give influence easily to the client, this is very useful to a marketing. A marketing can easily influence buyers to trust their products if the marketing has good verbal communication

3. The existence of verbal communication we can also justify the wrong (corrects), in a company, of course, many mistakes made by subordinates or our boss. With verbal communication, we can explain and tell the right things in order to avoid a mistake

You must develop your verbal communication, the more often you use verbal communication more professional in your work because verbal communication is very determined your attitude and attitude. People who have a good attitude, of course, have good verbal communication.

So from now on develop your verbal communication skills, work as much as you can.

After you learn about verbal communication you have to learn about nonverbal communication, nonverbal communication is the communication using body language. When you see your friend’s face like have a lot of problems or looks like angry It means that your friend has a problem so you must to help your friend.

That is the function of nonverbal communication, with nonverbal communication you can easily understand how people feel. You can easily understand your boss and client. if you don’t use nonverbal communication people will think that you are a careless person.

Writer: Hengki Cahyadi/2001542342