Communication is crucial for building and maintaining a successful workplace. When you and your team communicate well and understand one another, you work together, execute solutions, and achieve goals. But, communication isn’t always done with words, it can also be done without words, that’s what we called as nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication means wordless communication and it refers to all of the resources beyond what you say that contributes to the meaning of a message. Communicate without words might be way harder than to communicate using words but that made nonverbal communication is also important and interesting to pay attention to, as what Peter F. Drucker said, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”

We need to act professionally, using verbal or nonverbal communication. But nonverbal communication is something that we need to maintain because the meaning of it might be ambiguous sometimes. There are several types that known as the nonverbal communication in a workplace that we need to maintain, there are:

  1. Our workspace, even though it may look unimportant but our workspace also become a nonverbal communication because it reflects the image wewant to portray at work. We have to keep our workspace neat, and clean.
  2. Clothing and personal appearance, how we dressed also explain who we are. We need dressing appropriately and professionally because our appearance could send powerful nonverbal messages. Also, people assume things about us based on what we choose to wear. So, we really need to pay attention to our appearance.
  3. Facial expressions are the most frequently noticed in nonverbal communication because we spend so much time making eye contact. Facial expressions tell your conversation partner about your internal feelings on the matter, from happy to bored to angry.
  4. Time, using time as effective as it can show how professionally we are. Don’t ever be late because that shows that we appreciate other’s time.
  5. Touch, touch is also a powerful method of nonverbal communication.

Those are several things that explain communicate without words. Nonverbal communication is something that we need to maintain because when communicate nonverbally can mean one thing to you but convey a completely different message to the other. [Irena Deulia]