Givari Rizky is an alumnus of Communication Department, Binus University.  As a Communication Department alumnus, now he’s working at a startup company that focuses on digital marketing, named Kamkita. It was no coincidence that his job is very relatable to his educational background.

Givari gains a lot of job experiences even before he graduated from college. He had internships in several companies in Jakarta, one of them was in one of the famous radio in Jakarta.

Besides from internship, he also gains experience when joining Bvoice Radio in Binus University. Givary said that from Bvoice he found his true personality. Through Bvoice, he can learn to be a professional broadcaster.  He also said that from Bvoice he got a lot of friends from various majors in Binus University.

He also said that he got a lot of impressions and experienced while studying in the Communication Department, Binus University. One of the best experienced is when he made an assignment for the Intercultural communication course. The assignment was about capturing and observe one culture. So he went out of town with his friends for that project.

Givary said he really missed studying in Binus University. Because life after college are so much different from university day. It’s not easy to have a relationship with others because most people in the work place are ambitious and they only work for money not for passion. But Givary happy for his job now, because his job in line with his passion so he can work with heart.

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