Gabriel Marshall Wibawa, or to be short Marshall started in the television industry as a Creative Team when he was 22 right after graduated from BINUS University majoring Broadcast. Well, I was dying to know more about his career path after graduated from BINUS University and arranged a time to chatted over the coffee.

How long you’ve been working for NET TV?

Since Dec 2016. I was offered the position as Production Assistant. That was like dream came true, you know, working in the television industry is my obsession since I was a kid, and after meeting with Ms. Shelly Yunita, my producer, I was convinced that this could be a great opportunity for me to expand my career and learning new things.

What does a production assistant do?

A production assistant has various duties. I specifically work as a PA in the Assistant Director department on NET TV. The AD department is responsible for the logistics, communication, and safety on set. Our department sets the schedule, makes sure the entire crew knows exactly what is going on at any point during the shoot day, sets and directs all of the background actors in each scene, and makes sure that everything is as safe as possible.

Do you think BINUS university prepared you for your workplace?

Indeed. As we know, University gives the theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of what we aspire to. By building up our skillset which is soft and hard skill through assignments, all the activities including interns, employers will see our potential and our suitability for the working world.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I actually have free time, I try to stay as physically active as possible. I do Muaythai, reading a lot of books and recently got into yoga. I also spend a lot of time working on my physical fitness and health and also spending time with my lover.