Yohanes also known as Yosho / Oco serve the sandwiches for the customer at that afternoon. Yosho was one of students of Marketing Communication in Binus University from 2009 and focusing on Public Relations stream. He shared a story when he was a student of Communication Department led by DR. Dra. Ulani Yunus, MM. He wrote his thesis assisted by Ms. Mia Angeline S.KOM., M.M., M.I.KOM. Then he got graduated in 2013.

His career life after graduated starts from financing company named Astra Credit Company. He works for one of Astra Credit Company’s product named Vasham. Vasham is credit financing for farmers in Lampung, South Sumatera. The farmer was given a loan to produces more quantity and higher quality of their products.

He works for Vasham only last 1 year until he got a new job at DailyHatch. DailyHatch was one of early comer at e-commerce in Indonesia. Now DailyHatch changed its name to blibli.com. He works for single brand named DANBO. DANBO is one of a-class quality for Powerbank for smartphones imported from Japan. He was Digital Marketing Analyst for DANBO at DailyHatch for 6 months.

From 2015 until this moment now he grew his own Food and Beverages business named Sandwich Attack. Now he owns 2 sandwiches joint located at Banjar Wijaya and GOR Dimyati. Both places were at Tangerang’s melting pot of youth culture. The journey wasn’t easy, he starts from selling his sandwiches at single pieces table aside of Ahmad Yani fields. He maintains Sandwich Attack’s branding and promotion.

All of his efforts were inspired by Mix-Marketing Strategies that he learned when he was a student of Marketing Communication at Binus University. He pointing a most valuable factor before starting his own business in Entrepreneurship was Research Methods that he also learned in Marketing Communication Department Binus University.

By: Agung Ananta