Currently, social media is no longer just a social network but has been transformed into a media business. By utilizing social media appropriately can be one of the media of promotion and good communication for a company and its consumer. In this case, public relations can make social media as a medium to establish relationships and communication with consumers. In addition, public relations can also make social media as a media education about its products to consumers. Through communication in social media, product owners shall know what products or services are needed and what consumers want.

Some benefits of social media to public relations in dealing with customers:

1. As a two-way communication media in which the brand and followers as friend in the same friend position

2. Provide two-way customer service

3. As a medium of product knowledge and product education. Especially when there is a “friend” who attack through social media or circulating the extent of customer complaints

4. Make it easier to dig up insights or consumer opinions about the product

Then, how should public relations manage relationships with customers in social media?

1. Giving

In communicating and interacting with followers use the principles of giving, giving, and giving. Give them useful content in the form of information, inspiration, tips related to your brand, “the more you give, the more you get.” The more you give, then your followers will give their loyalty and trust to your brand.

2. Conversation

The communication you do must be two-way, where every comment, feedback, and vent from the followers must be responded interactively.

3. Listening

An important function of communication besides conversation is listening because in the realm of social media we have to do conversation and listening proportionally. By continuously following updates or postings from followers, we show that we care about them. This concern is a tremendous capital to build relationships with consumers.

4. Passing

In addition, being public relations must also know and understand the chat style on each media, even we must also be willing to imitate so as not to impress less up-date. For example, chat styles in Kaskus are different from Instagram or Twitter.

5. Enthusiasm

Public relations must also be able to accept criticism. Criticisms on social media are common. The most important thing as public relations must be able to explain well so that the problem becomes clear. (CAA)