In this growing era, a PR must be more careful and intelligent in analyzing every communication problem that develops. Whether it is against external policies, such as government regulations, banking, associations to legal or statutory issues, so can provide input to the entire Board of Directors about what steps should be taken in responding to the developing situation. In addition, a PR must also be agile and competent in establishing intensive communication both upwards, such as to the Board of Directors or managerial, side-to-side communication with supervisors, head of department head or fellow co-workers, as well as downward communication such as factory workers. Plus, it has to establish an outside communication relationship with related stakeholders such as with government, investors, and others.

Here are five things a PR must have to be more competent and provide added value to stakeholders.

1. Clear Thinking Clean Execution

Before making recommendations to the Board of Directors or management, a PR must be able to think clearly about the problems that the company is facing. PR should analyze from both sides of the challenges faced, objectives, strengths, weaknesses to then are able to formulate appropriate communication strategies. Therefore, PR can execute the communication strategy that has been made well and right on target.

2. Strategic Thinking

A PR must have good analytical skills, including analyzing the needs or requests from stakeholders, Board of Directors, community, mass media, government, investors and others. If every need has been analyzed, then the PR can set up the right communication content and can be digested properly without causing any new prejudices or interpretations of the communication content.

3. Brave

In many cases, PR should also learn about case studies. Usually, there are many case studies that can be taken into consideration before creating a communication strategy. By

understanding a lot of PR cases happening elsewhere, then PR will have the courage to make an out of the box decision. The more creative in generating communication ideas, then the PR will become an increasingly reckoned figure in the future.

4. Relevant

The main thing of a PR is to implement the communication strategy that has been made relevant. Does it mean whether each strategy is directly related to the solution of the problem that is facing or even make the problem more complicated? If the more complicated, then it should be reviewed which is less relevant to then sought the solution well.

5. Make a Different

Dare to be different is one of the reliable attitudes of a professional PR. They can find a niche market, get an unexpected channel, so the resulting strategy looks different from the other commutators. No less important is a PR should update regularly with the development of the era, such as technology, social, cultural, and others. (CAA)