As a communication students we might get used to communicate with people whether it’s just personal (face to face) or in groups. We are probably good with personal communication (face to face) how about communication in groups? We believe that mostly our assignment are involving group team and it is a must to have a great communication in group itself. We are trying to use as many as strategy to make the communication in group working. With a help from our graduates from Marketing Communication they will telling us about Tips and Tricks Dealing with Communication in Groups. Let’s take note!

Adlina Faradiba – Marketing Communication – Binusian 2018

We asked Adlina about what is the best way to dealing with people especially through communication in groups?

“I personally think that, communication in groups will go well if everyone in that group have a concern to each other. For instance, try to respect between others in the group. If someone is having talk try to listen them. Who knows all of you could discovering great ideas that might be needed to finish the project or stuff the groups has been doing. As what her statement, she also added “Always remember that you are in a team and know you are work with which mean that you know who is going to do this and that and make it fair.

Bayunafiani Hasanah – Marketing Communication – Binusian 2018

We also ask Bayunafiani also we can call her Fia on the same terms. “I work in Multinational Company which probably involved a lot of different characters of each individual especially they also have certain culture, and how I communicate with them? Especially in group? Always be responsive, I found that some communication crisis in groups that it has lacks in respond. Try to be responsive as you can, especially when others in your group or team asked you for feedback of their thoughts and ideas. She said, “In fact, it’s not a communication if it’s not giving a respond right?”

Shanti Setyawati – Marketing Communication – Binusian 2018

Lastly from Shanti about dealing with communication in groups, she argued – “Always have some respect and remember to break down all the barrier. We faced problems because we sense something that it is not right to continue. There, you need to break down what is the problem going on around and try to focus with it by trying to discuss it together. Especially when you are in professional environment, there is also aspect you need to considerate which is respect even respect it doesn’t have to be in professional environment, there just how it works.”

We can conclude that dealing with communication in groups that we need to know who is in that team, remaining focus with the context, try to break down the barriers we are facing and talk about it with them and remember to always respect towards each other in the team. We don’t want to get failed on a project just because we are failed with work team and the communication team and we are the communication student, right? (Adlina Faradiba)