We can see that most people in the world today own at least one social media account. Looking at this trend, people took the opportunity and not only use social media for entertainment needs, but they are also starting to use social media as a part of their business strategies to help build and improve their brand image. This approach has been proven to be successful as by using social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and they can get a lot of audiences and grabs, even more, engagement as well as attention for their brand.

For most typical social media users, they won’t pay attention and plan too much on these strategies as they won’t care as much as brands do, these people will just post anything they like on their social media anytime they want according to their heart’s content. Even though these users don’t use this kind of timeline strategy yet, we can already see that some users are starting to adopt this approach and as a result, we can notice the pattern of every content they post.

One of the most used strategies is by making a social media timeline. A social media calendar is more like a schedule that we make in advance for the posts in our social media. This plan can help us manage our account more efficiently since all the contents that are going to be displayed are already planned beforehand. The planning process includes a lot of aspects, a few of them are deciding: the content to post, when to post, is it relevant to be posted, and many others. We have to make sure that we understand all of these aspects and take note that every element will give an impact to the engagement and awareness result of the post.

By making a timeline for the social media posts, we can see what kind of content will we post for each day for the whole year, and this will help us to be more organized. Other than that, this will also help us to prevent mistakes that might happen in the future. A social media timeline is usually made for long term use. What this means is that we will not make a social media calendar only for a week, we will make a schedule for around 12 months’ worth of posts. In this process, we are only going to making the schedule on when and what to post for 12 months each day, not creating the all of the contents of what will be displayed for 12 months.

As a marketing public relations, we need to be able to keep up with the latest digital trend that is happening every day because most of a public relations practitioner’s day to day activities are connected with the digital things, and we can also see that the social media. One of the few things that are closely related to the digital era is going to develop even more rapidly in years to come. This is one of the reasons why understanding how to use social media to its’ full potential, which includes knowing how to create a timeline for your social media, is important and related to digital marketing public relations. (CC)