Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a strategy to make a company stay ever and reach their goals. In CRM we will learn how to maintain a relationship with clients, client mapping, pitching strategy, how to handle conflict with our customers and etiquette when you use email, telephone or meeting with clients. Every company usually has their manual book about “Client Relationship” to make employee easier to understand about the CRM of their businesses. Client Relationship Manual Book is a book which contains the guidelines in maintain and build a relationship with clients. When we want to make manual book we must to use simple language, have a detailed structure, such as an outline format, use a positive tone like reduce words “No”, “Don’t” or anything else, and compile information before you begin to write the manual book it will help you to choose the content of manual book. In that manual book there are several steps, like:

  1. The Objective: In this part, we must build goals of our manual book. We can explain what we want to achieve or the purpose of this handbook book.
  2. Client Mapping: At this step, you will discuss criteria for prospective customers of your company. So, employees can differentiate the prospect client and not prospect.
  3. Pitching Strategy: After you know that the prospective clients and not, we can develop a strategy to engage with our clients. The trick may be the analysis of the background of potential customers, make presentations, or conduct meetings on the spot that has been agreed.
  4. Email, Telephone and Meeting Etiquette: At this step, we will discuss what we “Do” and “Don’t” when we use a phone, write an email or meeting. This step will be described in the form of points, or it may be an explanation.

Maintaining Relationship With Client: After we have clients, we must maintain a healthy relationship with our customers so the company can survive. The trick may be to give excellent service, friendly customer service, phone or email about special offers, or can be a greeting mail in every big days or birthdays customer. So, customers can feel cared and can increase loyalty.