Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. Nowadays, every industry is competing to make an interesting content in social media to promote their product, publication of their event or campaign and etc.

Therefore, there are the ways to make a strong content in social media:

  1. Be simple and explain their topic, clearly, without ambiguities.
  2. Emphasize the critical importance of the topic.
  3. Tell people something new, something they had not thought about. So, it makes your message become informative.
  4. Be engaging, interesting, perhaps even shocking.
  5. Articulate the need to take action, and provide a solution.

The topic should be adjusted in social media platform because every social media has a different characteristic. Don’t forget to put a visualization to support your message, because people are more interest to read your article if you put some pictures or videos.

For example in social media platform:

  1. Facebook, it does not have limited to write so you may put the overall content by a message, video, and picture.
  2. Twitter, is more specific because it has only 140 characters to tweet, direct message and you may put hashtag to make your product, campaign or event can see in every people around the world.
  3. Instagram, has a privilege because you may spread the message through photos, video and multiple upload access. Otherwise, Instagram has a live story so your message would be innovated by utilizing feature in Instagram.

So, you must understand the 5 ways to make a strong message then you may apply in social media platform that you choose.