Presentation is one of the most important skill in education and professional world. It’s the way that professional deliver their ideas and knowledge to others.  That’s why we need to nail every presentation we made.

Here are some things you need to understand on how to make a great presentation. The first one is you need to know your audience, with whom
you’re talking to so that you know what kind of subject is interesting for your audience. By knowing your audience, you could explore the subject of your presentation so that you could also interact with your audience. Besides, by interacting with your audience, you can know how much your audience understand the subject that you’re presenting to them. To simplify your audience to understand your presentation, you should also pay attention to a few approaches.

Clear and simple approach. In this approach, you should use sentences that defines what you’re trying to say in a sharp way. The sentences that were used, also need to avoid the ambiguity so the audience could easily understand your presentation. The design of your presentation should also be interesting, but makes your audience to ease their way while reading the sentences on your powerpoint. The sentences that were used, should also be simple and lacks of complication.

Limited numbers and main point. In your presentation, it’s recommended to not tell too much idea unless it was possible. By having way too much idea, you could make the audience get confused. If you’re going to describe a structure, make it as simple as possible so the audience will easily read and understand it. Other than that, when giving a speech don’t develop way too many analysis in a single speech. When explaining the main points of your presentation, try to explain it short and to the point.

Every presentation should have this parts:

  1. Introduction, in an intro you should take your audience to think widely. In this step, you should also get the attention of your audiences. That’s why, in this step you should make a subject that is simple, clear, direct, and accepted in the audience.
  2. Body, this is the part where you tell the audience about your main points. In this part, you also tell the audience about your argument, you should tell your main idea so the audience is interested in your presentation.
  3. Conclusion, this is where you should summarize your presentation.

We hope it will useful for you. (AN, ND, VE)