Writing is a skill that must be owned by a public relations (PR). In every company, PR has a duty to write press releases, newsletters, speech scripts, etc. Many people think that PR is just as spokesperson for the company and as a representative of the company in building relationship with the community. This kind of perspective is wrong, the fact is 80% of the PR work is associated with writing.

Because of that, Communication Department BINUS University wants to prepare students to become a professional PR that reliable in writing through the Marketing Public Relations Writing (MPRW) course that provide in 4th semester. MPRW divided into two classes, those are theory class and practicum or laboratory class. Once they gain an understanding theory, next they will    implement in their practicum class.

Several tasks given to the students is like creating a company profile, press release, speech, timeline, and CEO biography. The tasks are given to train students to not only master one kind of writing but in many sorts. This practicum class system will develop the creativity of students because they do not just write the content but also required to make the results of their writing in a visually appealing.

Through MPRW courses, the students’ soft skills and capabilities of their hard skills will highly honed, plus in this course the students also had to do a presentation in every project. It is also crucial in the assessment, because they will not get good score if the presentation not support the final project.

Many skills are trained in MPRW course will helping students later when they are working in industry. As we know that BINUS Communication Department has 3 + 1 program, where students will do industry practice in 5th and 7th semester. By learning MPRW courses, it will help them to do the internship later (Evelyn & Elliza).