La Mani, Guntoro, B.,  Mudiyono, Prajarto, N.


The increasing population of street vendors implicates to the dynamics and models of government regulation in urban areas.On one side of the street vendors can be a solution to the government’s inability to create jobs for its citizens, but on the other side, street vendors claimed to be pollution and urban pathology. With these two faces, the handling of street vendors often fail and the ended with conflict.The government’s failure in communications policy in urban areas have a lot of factors, among others, is the lack of cultural understanding targeted community policies. Culture appears in all contexts of human life, included in the government’s policy communication. The aim of this study is to verify the influence of the cultural dimension toward the government communication in the policy of street vendors relocating by the Government of Yogyakarta City in 2004 to 2010. This study used 258 vendors who had been relocated as the sample. The data analysis used of this study was quantitative with the double regression analysis test.  The results of this study showed that the cultural dimension have a significant effect toward the communication of relocation policy of Street Vendors in Yogyakarta. It can be seen from the F-count (71,536) > F-table (4,710), t-count (18,625) > t-table (1,960) with a significance level of 0.000 (α < 0,05). The regression determination coefficient (R2) showed that the communication of relocation policy of street vendors in Yogyakarta is influenced by the cultural dimension,that is about 0,667, or 66,7%, while the rest is about 33,3% due to other variables outside of the model studied.The findings of this study provide affirmation that the culture has a large existence in creating the success of government communication in the relocation policy of street vendors. Therefore, for the government in any communication policies should consider the culture of target communities, so that failures can be reduced in the admissions policies.

Keywords: cultural dimension; government communications; relocation policy; street vendor


Citation: La Mani, Guntoro, B.,  Mudiyono, Prajarto, N., (2016), Cultural Dimensions Toward the Government Communications in the Policy of Street Vendors Relocation at Yogyakarta City. Journal of Government and Politics (JGP), Vol 7, No 4.

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