Corporate colonization refers to domination by corporate organizations. Colonization has usually referred to one country or society invading or taking over another. In the 1970s and 1980s, Jürgen Habermas used the term to discuss the way different parts of society can dominate the lifeworld— the everyday meaning and experience of individuals through various asymmetrical structural and system relations. In his 1992 book, Democracy in an Age of Corporate Colonization, Stanley Deetz detailed the ways in which this happens within corporations.

Scholars have been concerned for some time with the politics of the personal—the political processes by which meanings, identities, and experience are formed. Much of this was gradually organized and connected to communication processes by critical theorists from the Frankfurt School in the 1930s. The central issue has been with how language and communication processes affect the formation of the interior, meaning the very identities and meanings that individuals and groups espouse. This work has contrasted with more common concern in communication studies with expression.

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