Happiness is simple. Everyone knows that or at least feel that.

Of course it does not mean that we have to be simple (read : poor). We need proper things to live well.  Proper food, education, cloth, medication, etc. After all, God likes stable persons better.

Yesterday the light went out. I just got home and a little bit surprise. But that’s OK, At that time I had nothing rush to do.

After I just light some candles, the electricity is on again. But I did not put down the candles and let it flame for a while. I turn off some lights.

It felt romantic. I know, not exactly candlelight date or anything, but it felt romantic:).


It shows that happiness is actually a simple thing. We can be smile over little things such as watching children playing & laughing. Remembering our favorite things (remember “Sound of Music”) ¬†even just reading (again) our favorite book.

We often think too hard looking for the answer that’s actually right in front of us. Like they say, sometimes we just have to stop and smell the roses. Means we just have to be relaxed & seize the day.

It is difficult to do that while we are living in big cities. But we should try that sometimes, don’t you think?

M.Irfan (D3291)