It’s the reverse of proverb “Reality Bites”. Our fact is we are often been beaten by reality; losing jobs & income, being stabbed in the back by our good friends, our grades are not as high as expected, and our own food kills us gradually

However, the unreality & “unreality”element also bite us even in different way. We have seen so many action movies whose hero’s firearms never runs out bullet, we see in our daily life how beggars are often richer than workers & teachers, & we can see that a human can be crueler than animal

Unreality can mean the thing is not real: it can also be defined lately that the occasion should not be happening, so it has to be “unrealistic”

The similar thing applies in communication. Good commercial or TV commercial is not bringing to good result in sales while normal & “brutal” force seems to bring better result in sales. This is becoming a real challenge in our life. How can we sustain good thing in our life while “unrealistic” elements seem to dominate our life. It means we must study hard, study smart, be vigilant, and never give up on obstacles