Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) is one of the most outstanding creative industry (fashion) in Indonesia. It collects, distributes, and trades fashion work from Indonesia to domestic & international market.

Held in Senayan City shopping mall in 3 different spots, JFW is not only bringing many advantages to specific creative industry, but also to the mall itself, which eventually support a place that hires so many worker from different level. From cleaning service & office boy level to managerial level.

It is a good proof that one event or communication effort can bring so many advantages. Imagine the effect from many event & promotion / communication efforts

JFW is also working together & supported with so many brands. By considering this fact, one event can bring significant advantage for many entities outside it, not just the shopping mall which hold the event. Eventually we all can be economically strong together.

One good deed brings many good effects


Irfan Binus Lecturer D3291