Many experts say that the difference between grown up & children is that grown up knows right from wrong & take full responsibility for their action, while children don’t do those.

Is it completely true?

Ok, skip the “completely”. Nobody’s perfect, right?

Is anyone familiar with these sentence,”It is not my fault, he is selling the drugs” (said by above 16 years old or even OLDER)

In many religions, above 15 years old is considered enough to tell right from wrong. for example, in Islam, 15 years old is more than obliged to do fasting since they are considered to know enough right from wrong (In Islam it’s called mumayyiz)

The same thing applies to other mistakes. “It her fault, offering her service” (you all know what it means right?)

Unfortunately, many grown up people are just children with stronger body, more money, smarter brain and more facilities. They use statistics to hide their crime, like,” according to statistics, 35% of grown up people can’t resist the temptation. So, I am not guilty. It is the system’s fault”

I am not hypocrite. I am a normal person. However, I ‘ll try not to use statistics to hide my mistakes.┬áMany colonizers, evil investment bankers, and criminals are grown up people, correct?


Quo Vadis, grown ups?