Usually “connecting device” means that the particular device is used to connect people, such as a son wants to talk to his parents feom distance. The devices itself has been expanding & developing rapidly, from telegraph to internet right now. In the future, there is no telling how developed the device will become.

The more advance the device, the more advance also the people, right?

It can be. However, it is sadly admitted, it can also be reversed

We have seen how not too bright things have been said in the internet. True, it is a part of democracy. However, like we would want, the smarter the era, the more developed the connecting device (gadget, if you will), automatically, the smarter the society will become, correct.?

Small example: I am sure we all remember the death penalty for the drug dealer convict Bali Nine. There have been pros & cons. However, there was (probably still is) opinion like this from our citizen in the internet :

“The developed country do not do death penalty on drugs since in thpose country they have been so civilized so they do not use drugs anymore”

First, in Singapore, they do death penalty on drugs if it goes higher than certain limit (the limit itself is very little)

Second, those developed countries have spent billions of Dollars regarding drug problem. They even use their federal/government agency & special forces to eradicate drugs (it is even on the movie)

Hopefully we can be smarter & wiser along with our gadget:)